Crowdfund Social get you funded through social media

Crowdfund social has vast experience in using social media marketing for crowdfunders. Thus, they fully understand how crowdfunding and social media intertwine to get the best results from both worlds. Through the reliance on the expertise of Crowdfund Social, whenever you have the need for establishing a crowdfunding project, you’ll be certain to achieve success.

Crowdfunders on Indiegogo and Kickstarter frequently suffer from serious problem issues whenever they are attempting to promote their projects.

The key problem is that they find it difficult to firstly gain, and then maintain momentum.

Crowdfund Social ensures that you can easily promote your project as if you were a professional in the trade. Their intensive social media campaigns are precisely what is required to jumpstart your own project’s momentum.

Crowdfund Social: Ranked at #1 for Social Media Promotions by Crowdfunders

Because their only focus for crowdfunding campaigns is by using social media marketing, Crowdfund Social have gained a very strong reputation as being the number one authority in getting results. They are fully aware that crowdfunders have a single goal in mind: That is to get funded!

Irrespective that you are launching a film, a tech project, or something entirely different, social media marketing represents the key to getting the funding you need.

Crowdfund Social’s clients range from non-profits through to multi-million-dollar campaigns. You may have a good idea, but you find that you’re struggling with the goal of reaching your target market. Crowdfund Social can help. There is no other agency in this industry that offers full service packages that are entirely social media focused. With Crowdfund Social, you can potentially see the results within a single week!

Services Offered by Crowdfund Social

#01 A Customized Approach

Crowdfund Social’s crowdfunding experts create a social media marketing plan that is a perfect fit for your individual project. They identify and then target optimal audiences across social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

#02 Project Positioning

If you’re looking to get funded, you’ll have to stand out from the surrounding crowd. Crowdfund Social create top quality content that will catch the attention of those who are regularly using social media. Therefore, your project is quickly noticed by potential backers.

#03 Intensive Promotion

Through Crowdfund Social’s intensive social media promotions, you can witness the results within a single week. The company’s full service package comes inclusive of everything: Promoted posts, paid advertising, organic promotion, cross-promotion, content marketing, popular page shout-outs, page features, audience building, and more.

#04 The Final Phase

Ever since 2013, Crowdfund Social have helped people such as yourself to gain funding. They understand how to venture through the intricacies and climb over the obstacles in crowdfunding. Crowdfund Social pride themselves on helping you to launch fresh ideas and to get the funding that you need. There is a bright light at the very end of the tunnel when you are relying on Crowdfund Social.

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